Artifacts and musings throughout HS 3250G

Let’s Talk Day

Bell “Let’s Talk” promotional photo with Olympian Clara Hughes

Today is Bell Canada’s Let’s Talk day in support of mental health. I thought it was fantastic the huge use of rechnology for the benefit of health promotion in that for every tweet containing #BellLetsTalk and every text and long distance call made by Bell customers. I actually received advance warning of this day via text from Bell and the commercials have been everywhere. Bell is even donating for every share of their Let’s Talk promo pictures on Facebook and I do think that the campaign is working since it is everywhere, people are actually discussing mental health. And I think that’s fantastic considering 1 in 5 Canadians will experience a mental health issue at some point in their life and that is too many people for it to be kept as silent as it generally is in the public sphere. Mental health also received a lot of attention in the campaign platforms of the slates of this year’s USC election, which were highly publicized on campus to reach as many students as possible, through social media again. I think it is great that Let’s Talk will support local mental health initiatives because charity begins at home and mental health is a global issue so if more people are informed about how to get help and their options and about mental health in general, we can begin to extend initiatives like this to a more global scale.


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