Artifacts and musings throughout HS 3250G

A Quick Thought

I saw today on my News 360 app an article commenting on how the UK allowing gay marriage now will lower health care costs and improve public health which made me think of this week’s current event article about how coming out is good for one’s health. I think it is a great thing how many European countries and American states are now passing laws to allow same-sex marriage and that the world population has generally become much more accepting towards homosexuals. Not just that but people in developed countries are now trying to use social media and internet petitions to fight for the rights of homosexuals in less developed nations, some of which put homosexuals to death. As such, this movement has an impact on global health promotion not just on the localized effects of passing laws in more progressive countries but as more people are able to come out and be comfortable with their identities and see that society stands behind them and supports their rights, more people will be able to try and promote change where people do not have the ability to love who they want to and express their true selves. Either way, the latest movements for equal marriage rights is a step in the right direction for health and it makes me very happy.


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